December 31, 2010

Private Home Clip 65

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December 30, 2010

For Granted

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Where's dinner?" her husband called out to Janice when he got home from work. "If you don't mind, I thought we'd go out to eat." she yelled from upstairs in their bedroom. Normally, her husband preferred a home cooked meal, and Janice expected him to object to her suggestion, but he surprised her. "Let me give the Carsons a call. We were suppose to meet them later for drinks anyway, so they might as well join us. How's The Landing sound?" "I thought we might go over to Don's place. We haven't been there in a while." Janice replied quickly. She was hoping to run into Simon again since he lived so close to the small tavern. This was the reason she was getting dressed up. "Okay, I'll tell them to meet us there for supper, then we'll all go to the Landing for drinks when we're done." Tom yelled back. Janice wasn't the only one with a motive for wanting to go out. After hearing from Jack about how the hot redhead drained his balls this morning, he wanted to see her again. In a perverse sense, this was Tom's way of getting even with Simon. Several nights over the past six years he heard Janice talk in her sleep and mention his name, but when he asked her about it in the morning, she denied having any feelings for him anymore. Tom didn't believe this, and suspected his wife was still in love with her former boyfriend. He didn't plan last night's jaunt on the patio with Simon's wife, but when it was over Tom looked at it as a macho victory over the man his wife still cared for. Janice finally came downstairs and announced she was ready to go. The way she was dressed removed any doubts Tom had on how Janice felt about Simon. Instead of the blouse, jeans, and sneakers that she usually wore, Janice was decked out in a short pale-blue skirt, a tight fitting white sweater, and heels. Right then, Tom made up his mind he was going to fuck Simon's wife again, even if he had to go over to their house like Jack did.

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