July 31, 2009

Blowjobs, Cumshots Movie Download - Blame It On Daddy 2

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It's all Daddy's fault! Look at what you made me do dad... I'm all screwed up and I can only cum from the ass!

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Studio: Anarchy Films
Stars: Dru Berrymore, Gwen Summers, Jennifer Andersson, Julie Meadows, Phoenix Ray
Niches: Blowjobs, Cumshots
Total Runtime: 01:28:11 (Download full movie)

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

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July 28, 2009

Ebony Movie Download - Sorority Splash 2

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All Girls! All Wet! Spread sluts! Slippery Slits! Carnal clitoral chains! Anal agitation! Passionate pussy probing!

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Studio: Heatwave
Stars: 2 Pop, Deep Threat, Dwayne Cumminz, Kandi Kream, Yella
Niches: Ebony
Total Runtime: 01:21:41 (Download full movie)

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

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July 25, 2009

Scene 4 from Hollywood Porn Hookers

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Starring: Chasey Lain
You've heard about porn girls who turn tricks, now you get to watch them fuck real porn sluts!

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Download the complete scene (13 mins - 39.76 MB)

Hollywood Porn HookersThis scene is from the DVD Hollywood Porn Hookers
You've heard about porn girls who turn tricks, now you get to watch them fuck real porn sluts!

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Asian Beaver Jamboree - Scene 1

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Asian Beaver Jamboree - Scene 1

The Japanese take their baseball very, very seriously. That's why I feel for the poor, depressed ballplayer, hiding in the locker room from his recent disgrace on the field of battle. Fortunately for Mr. Baseball, a bunch of cheerleaders also feel for him, and decide to, well, feel him, as a way of picking him up after the loss. If I got to fuck seven sympathetic hotties every time I lost a game, my glove and bat would never get near a ball! Oh, WAO, man!

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July 19, 2009

The Sands of Marinarus 2

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The air force headquarters building was quite an achievement of twentysecond century construction with its artificial marble walls and perma plastic windows so strong, it would have taken a neutron bomb to melt them. All the rooms were secure against any and all spying devices and the AI computers practically ran the entire operation, permitting the humans to dream of new ways to make work, spend ridiculous amounts of money or design new exploration projects. Actually the air force was a convenient catchall for the air defenses as well as the space force. They had finally decided to locate the headquarters in Houston to replace the old NASA location and it had worked out quite well, being centrally located in the country and having such a strong tradition of space travel and aeronautic quality control. A striking blonde receptionist presented the tall, dark security maninto the general's office. Her smile out dazzled even the early morning sunshine which shimmered through tinted windows from the east. Kal smirked, ""I know what I'd like to ask for but I'll settle for some coffee, please."" The lady was attractively decked out in her skin tight, sky blue uniform complete with blue nylons and gold lieutenant's bars. Her blonde hair beautifully accented her striking outfit. She gave him a knowing wink before she left to prepare his beverage. The general stood up to receive him which was an unexpected courtesy. ""Welcome to Houston Major. Please have a seat we've got a bit to cover."" They shook hands and in moments they were in their respective seats appraising each other. General Wilcox was a blunt , commanding presence of about sixty or so with iron gray hair, clear amber eyes and a smile both warm and professional. Kal could discern a man of decisive purpose and he knew from very reliable sources that this general had a no nonsense attitude towards subordinates. As for Kal the general observed a man of perhaps thirty with slightly curly auburn hair and jet black eyes. His dark brown mustache was uninteresting contrast to his lighter hair color. He was about six foot four and looked like he could take care of himself in any bar at any spaceport. The general spoke again, ""Well it's good to have you aboard Major Allison. As of this moment everything we are about to discuss is of the most classified nature so if you have any reservations about the mission now's the time to walk out of here and nobody will be the wiser."" Kal hesitated for a moment, ""Colonel Mason advised me that this missionwas extremely important for the space program in general and the Martian colony in particular. I know how to keep my mouth shut sir."" The general nodded slightly, ""Good enough, Mason recommended you quite highly and I've taken the liberty of checking your record. It's quite outstanding in fact. The important word here is loyalty. We're about to discuss something so important and so secret that's it's a matter of national and even world security that this project remain under wraps. It's of such vital importance, that we may have to do a brain scan on you after everything is completed so you don't remember the mission. I'm not thrilled about that because we might need your expertise for reference later on. Let's just say when you get back here you'll be watched quite carefully, at the very least, I'm afraid."" Kal grimaced a little, ""As long as it doesn't interfere with my love life I guess I can live with a little special handling."" The general raised his eyebrows slightly and grinned, ""Oh you needn'tworry about that. What you can't find will be amply supplied for you. After all we do look after our own especially when they've gone beyond the call of duty. Well its time for brass tacks I'm afraid."" Kal asked, ""All right General what's it all about?"" ""Actually we've been working on the groundwork for this project for anumber of years. It's called the ITP grid. The letters stand for Interstellar Teleportation Project and that gives it away so we just call it the ITP. It all starts of course with computers. It takes millions of Terra Bites of space and computing power to do the job. You see theoretically the computer must disassemble, reassemble and keep track of billions of atoms that comprise a human being. In essence what will happen is that the computer on Earth will disassemble... Read the rest

July 17, 2009

Hot blonde webcam girl w/big ass

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Man does this girl have a great ass. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a great ass! Wouldn't you love to see this hot webcam slut do a live show for you? View some more of her hot pictures and maybe see a live webcam show especially for you!

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Download the movie of the day: American Cocksucking Championship #2, Scene 1

July 16, 2009

Party Trash

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Ever imagine that you have lived "Another Life?" Here is your chance, in a behind scene Set Party, Come-As-You-Were "in a previous life," Costume Swingers-Actors, Get-It-On Screw Fest Fantasy Orgy in the now and from beyond.

Party Trash was produced by Jerome Tanner and stars Heather Lyn, Lola, Tara, Lexington Steele, Michael J. Cox, Nikita Denise, Kiri, Richard, Joel Lawrence, Dillion Day . It was released on 2006/05/26 and the full DVD running time is 81 minutes.

Download full DVD

Play more scenes from this DVD:
Party Trash - Scene 2
Scene 2
Party Trash - Scene 3
Scene 3
Party Trash - Scene 4
Scene 4
Party Trash - Scene 5
Scene 5

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July 14, 2009

Scene 1 from Blowjobs Gone Wild 2

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Starring: Vivian West
It was supposed to be a simple suck scene until someone got Vivian West excited, then in a matter of moments she was waiving guys onto the set and demanding to be mouth-fucked by the masses. This blowbang was crazy!

< < Enjoy this 30 second preview
Download the complete scene (22 mins - 67.69 MB)

Blowjobs Gone Wild 2This scene is from the DVD Blowjobs Gone Wild 2
Cock craving cuties go wild on cocks! Let's admit it, there are some chicks out there that just can't get enough dick between their lips or enough cum blasted into the back of their throats. They'll nurse on cock like their lives depend on it. Here's a six pack of deep throating divas ready to demonstrate their total lack of a gag reflex!

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July 10, 2009

Mayhem: POV Squirt Alert

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Mayhem: POV Squirt Alert POV Squirt Alert Get your towel ready for "The Fountains of Mayhem" as five of our nastiest little fuck sluts get stuffed full of massive stiff cocks up their gaping assholes, throats and pussies until they gush a steaming geyser of hot pussy juice right in your face! Then they get bathed and glazed in load after load of sticky cum and beg for more. You'll be so close to all the pussy gushing action that you'll need a squeegee for your TV screen!
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Super cute Asian teen webcam girl

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This hot Asian teen is not shy on her webcam - no sir she is the opposite - a horny little slut that will make sure you have a very hot time!

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Interracial Nation II - Scene 1

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