April 24, 2009


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DVD Review - Assploitations
AssploitationsWhen the performer of the year steps behind the camera to create her own unique vision of explicit anal erotica, the result is absolute mayhem!!

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Did you see that southpark when they made fun of gingers you know girls with red hair and freckles

April 22, 2009

Scene 5 from Buttquest 3

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Starring: Sarah Twain
Sarah Twain wanted to be a country western singing star from Texas. She has a well trained voice which also means an exceptional throat... but when her singing career went south she knew she needed a new main attraction to keep her famous and that's when she learned to open her asshole.....WIDE!

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Buttquest 3This scene is from the DVD Buttquest 3
It's the continuing search for the perfect hole and Le'Wood Productions is ushering in some of the most bodacious backsides of the last decade. Buttquest 3 is the gift that truly keeps on giving... so, Ass lovers enjoy!

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Security Cam Chronicles

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Security Cam Chronicles
DVD - Security Cam Chronicles
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In this explosive world of reality T.V. and caught on tape programming comes the most erotic hidden camera series ever. This is not your average adult movie. Take a voyeuristic tour into the world of raw uncut everyday sex encounters of security tapes from around the U.S.

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April 21, 2009

Download the movie of the day: Fresh Hot

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April 17, 2009

Doll in stockings sucks

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Doll in stockings sucks Doll in stockings sucks Doll in stockings sucks

Doll in stockings sucks
Cunning brunette dame kisses her boyfriend and lowers slowly to his erected love-rod to suck it intensely. Keywords: boyfriend, brunette, dame, erected, kissing, suck
Size: 5 Mb
Length: 01 min 13 sec


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Blonde strippes at a party

Cherry Popping

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Jeanine the virgin, looked up at Robert with apprehensive eyes. He smiled down at her with a barely concealed contempt that made her both revolt against him... and desire him. He told her, withou ceremony, to lie face down on the bed, with a pillow under her tits and her ass in the air. Jeanine did as instructed, her face pressed into the mattress, a pillow under her chest and her ass high and inviting. She presented a delightful view. Robert once agin marveled at his good fortune. Not only was he going to fuck this gorgeous piece of ass but he was going to be the FIRST to fuck this gorgeous piece of ass. "Are you ready to become a woman, Cunt?" Robert asked. Jeanine was having a hard time catching her breath. In this position she realized how vulnerable she was to Robert's advances. All her life she had saved her virginity for her marriage bed. She had fought temptation, and more than one boyfriend, in doing so and now she knew she was going to lose her most precious gift to this evil man."Tell me how much you want it Jeanine. Beg me to pop your cherry." Robert taunted.The tears welled up in Jeanine's eyes as she looked over her shoulder to see Robert idly stroking his manhood."Please don't make me do this Robert." Jeanine pleaded. Robert's smile faded as his eyes narrowed. "Now, Bitch, get yourself nice and wet and tell me now how much you want me to fuck you." As Jeanine resigned herself to the inevitable she heard her own voice begin to beg. "Oh yea baby, I need that nice big Cock. See my pussy? It's all wet just thinking about what your going to do for me." Jeanine felt Robert's hand on her backside as her began to knead her cheeks. She jumped as he began to spread her ass open and felt his hot breath on her now exposed pussy.

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April 16, 2009

Cam Contacts Babe 19beauty

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This is 19beauty, a stunning 19 year old bisexual babe. She has a petite build that'll make you drool.. and blonde hair with blue eyes. Stuff that turns her on includes nice talk, polite people but she is turned off by rude people. If you were to meet her online and have webcam chat she would give you we can talk about it.! She loves to meet sexy guys and girls over at Cam-Contacts because she wants just for you.

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April 15, 2009

We fucked non stop till the break of dawn

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We hooked up with Alex at a car lot. The hot rides were not the only thing we were checking out. Fortunate for us Alex had no car and was taking the bus to her place. We offered a ride back but with a slight detour. Once we arrived at my place us girls did what we do best and that is eat good pussy. We fucked non stop till the break of dawn.

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April 14, 2009

Cute cam babe Sweetadora

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I am the best seducumen! I am really into romancumpagne, and roses. I really love giving a hot sexy dancumen who are kind and show their apprecume. I am still trying to figure out all of the things that turn me on and I think I need you to join me in my searcum inside my webcum and help me out? I can't wait!

I'm 22 years old with bigbrown eyes and hotbrown hair. I am caucasian with a nice bbw body shape. My fave food to eat is melons and I love to listen to House music. I also enjoy fishing. My sign is Pisces and I speak English and German.

The sex toy I can't live without would be my dildo and I love rich imagination. Rudeness and swearing turns me off and doggy is my all time favorite sex position.

I've been hanging out a lot at recently coz its soooo much fun and very addictive. I look forward to chatting with all the horny guys there every day. I love being watched. I spend way too much time in front of my cam.. but hey, who cares, its hell wicked fun.

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Hi my name is Topanga. I'm 18 and just started college down here in Southern California. All my friends have always said that I would be famous one day, and maybe with your help I will be. I've been experimenting with my body for a few years now and I'm starting to get real good at it. I like to try a lot of new things including playing with my girlfriends. I hope you will join my site and most importantly, I hope you like what you see. XOXOXO

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Download the movie of the day: Gang Bang Angels #18, Scene 1

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