October 31, 2008

Boy squeezed between tits

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Amateur home movie submitted by rebrov at Private Home Clips

Boy squeezed between tits

All depends on taste of women. Some like adult skilled chicks and some like young fresh lasses. But this mature dame's tits will not leave you disappointed.
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Length: 00 min 15 sec


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Adorable teen blonde, Ashley Lightspeed, looking hot after posing for the camera after a night out!

October 29, 2008

Stephanie really was a smokin’ hot piece of ass

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My buddies and I have the perfect plan to get laid. We cruise the streets looking for 18 or 19 year old pussy in need of a lift. Of course we expect these little sluts expect to pay for their rides. You'd be amazed how these girls will put out just to get to where they want.

I know I say this about all of them, but Stephanie really was a smokin' hot piece of ass! Her boyfriend had a fight with her and threw her out of the car. We picked her up and showed her at least six different ways to get back at the dick. Starting with sucking my dick! His loss was our gain on this one.

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October 28, 2008

Squirting Newcomers

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Squirting orgasms...Dripping wet pussies ejaculating over and over.

Squirting Newcomers was produced by N/A and stars Tanya James , Drew Hurley , Aria , Red Heaven . It was released on 2006/05/31 and the full DVD running time is 87 minutes.

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October 25, 2008

Dear Whore 3

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Dear Whore - I can't stop thinking about your ass. How hard I was pounding it last night. How you screamed from the top of your lungs as you came. Let me do it again. Let me spread your ass open and have my way with you again and again.

Dear Whore 3 was produced by Jerome Tanner and stars Jennifer Luv Fallon Summers Gia Paloma Avena Lee Brooke Chris Cannon Evan Stone Joel Lawrence Nick Manning Sasha . It was released on 2006/06/02 and the full DVD running time is 90 minutes.

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October 23, 2008

Bait 4

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Bait 4
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Five baby faced teen whores are getting stuffed and screwed so hard and deep up their tight pink bungholes and their dripping wet pussies that they scream like wild banshees. Welcome back to the Bait Shop, where our barely legal sex bunnies are getting their young assholes reamed and stretched into wide open gapes as they're giving our guys some serious nut busting blowjobs until they get blasted with gushing hot loads of cum all over their cute little faces. It's a Mayhem teen sex frenzy that we know you're going to love! Enjoy!

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October 22, 2008

RookieBabe Ashton

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RookieBabe and Bartender Ashton is as unique as her name. A lover of music she's been to "oodles" of concerts but KISS blew the rest away...

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Stylish and socially conscious, Rookie Babe represents the natural beauty and spirit of the girl next door.

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Teeny Tiny Gang Bang

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Look out it's midget time! Yes you heard right, we found these 2 fine ass midgets and threw in a bunch of horney dudes and they fucked the shit out of these little people!

Teeny Tiny Gang Bang was produced by N/A and stars N/A . It was released on 2006/03/06 and the full DVD running time is 74 minutes.

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Corporate Fluffer

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BigTitsBoss presents Savannah in episode: "Corporate Fluffer"
I was the point man on one of the biggest accounts in the company and sure enough i made a big mistake. My big tit boss called me in the office to give me a verbal beatdown but somehow i was spared. I was caught staring at her boobs by her assistant who also has perfect tits. They both agreed that my performance would definitely improve if they gave me a taste of what everyone in the office dreams about. A few minutes later i was titty fucking and pussy licking my way to a pay increase.

Savannah in Corporate Fluffer Savannah in Corporate Fluffer Savannah in Corporate Fluffer

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October 17, 2008

Good Time Charlee

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In this hot Jerome Tanner feature all it takes is a bachelor party, a stripper, and a Girlfriend's unexpected arrival to give Good Time Charlee the blues! This is one Good Time that was had by all.

Good Time Charlee was produced by Jerome Tanner and stars Casey Raye, Gwen Summers, Ryan Conner, Miko Lee, Tina Cheri, Evan Stone, Mark Davis, Chris Cannon, Joel Lawrence, Michael J. Cox . It was released on 2007/02/26 and the full DVD running time is 83 minutes.

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Good Time Charlee - Scene 3
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Good Time Charlee - Scene 4
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Scene 5

October 11, 2008


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Back home everyone was in a good mood except me. I was the only one thatworked and the three of them fed off me. Kathy would always sleep hugging Frank with her back to me. She said, "If you want to, you can kiss my back and my ass." I had taken to spending time in a neighborhood bar because I wasreluctant to go home. I got to know several of the regulars but two became quite important. The first was Chuck. He sold drugs to people in the bar and other places. The other was Larry. He was a likable guy but he had aids and it was just a matter of time before he died from it. Chuck sold speed, crack and marijuana and managed to stay just one stepahead of the law. When he said you got two years in the pen even for a first offense it gave me an idea. I bought several crystals of crack and four marijuana plants from him. Since I had keys to Frank's car I put the plants in the trunk and the crack in his glove compartment. Then I called the police and told them someone was selling drugs to kids on the street from his car and gave them the license plate number. When they tried to find out who I was I hung up. Two days later my mother, in hysterics told me that Frank had beenarrested for selling drugs. She went to visit him everyday until the trial. Just like Chuck said he got 2 years in the state penitentiary. At the trial when the sentence was given, I passed bye Frank as he wasbeing led away and I said, "That was the best $280 I ever spent. I could see him try and lunge toward me but he was restrained by the court guards. When my mother heard the sentence she went into shock and she had astroke. Unable to look after herself, I had her put in a convalescence/old age home. I put her in the cheapest one I could find. I remember the administrator saying, "This is no Holiday Inn. We give them cheap basic food. They get all the porridge and tea they want but seldom meat and no dessert or coffee. I don't know if you heard the rumor that the staff pisses in the tea but I don't think they do that. We have four in a room and the rooms are small so all we have space for is the four single beds and one chair. There is a bathroom in the hallway for every three rooms. If you want private accommodations go somewhere else. There is no TV or air conditioning but they can open the window on hot days. Are you sure you want to leave your mother here?" "Yes, it sounds perfect." And now it was my wife Kathy's turn. With Frank gone I asked her if shewould like to come out to the bar with me and she said yes. This was the first time she had said yes to anything I said in a long, long time. At the bar, after a couple drinks I asked Larry if he would like to join us. He was a good looking guy and I could see Kathy's eyes light up. Soon she was ignoring me completely as she flirted with him. About 10pm I said, "I think it's time we went home Kathy. I have to get up early tomorrow." "You go ahead dear," Kathy said. "I'll stay for a little while and havea couple more drinks. Don't wait up." It must have been about 3 in the morning when I heard Kathy come intrying to be as quiet as possible so not to wake me. That slut I thought, she met him less than 8 hours ago and had fucked him while she kept putting me, her husband, off with feeble excuses. About two months later she came home from the doctor to tell me she hadaids. "You should have thought about that before you let Larry fuck you without a condom." "You mean you knew that Larry and I were having an affair and that hehad AIDS and you didn't tell me?" I thought you loved me, how could you do this to me?" "Had you been a faithful wife you would not have had a problem. Youcheated on me from day one so now you pay the price. I guess it was a good thing you wouldn't let me fuck you or I might have aids too" For the first time in a long time I could actually smile.... Read the rest of WHOSE WIFE IS SHE part 3

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