September 28, 2008

Usually women don’t masturbate like glamour porn stars

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September 25, 2008

Amazing Joy

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EuroSexParties presents Anngel in episode: "Amazing Joy"
When the world gives you lemons what do you do? If you are like Renato and Richie, you squeeze those fuckers like some plump, firm titties and see what you can get out of them. On a day with nothing to do, they went to the gym to hunt some fitness pussy and came up with a full house of pussy lips and hard nipples. Anngel was down to get down with a little 3 way action and she got it. The shit got nasty as our angelic starlet got flipped and fucked and done up like a Kenny Rogers Roaster. The shit was hot like that. They even got to stick it in her pooper or ,SIIHP for those in the know...We just hope she will be back for another workout soon, becuause she gives new meaning to hard workout.

Anngel in Amazing Joy Anngel in Amazing Joy Anngel in Amazing Joy

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September 21, 2008

Adult Swim

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My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now. He isruggedly good looking, and built. I sigh with desire every time I watch him approach me. He is the most pleasing man I've ever known, and that includes in and out of the bedroom. He really knows how to pleasure a woman, and I feel that we have grown together this past year in ways I could never imagine. One thing that we have been trying to explore lately is an "odd numbers"encounter. He told me that he and his ex were members of a swingers club, and had experienced a few parties and encounters with other couples, including couples that were their own friends at their house. I was very apprehensive at first. I love sex, and I've had somethreesomes with friends, mostly guy-guy-girl, and that was purely by accident when we were drunk. I felt nervous about trying something like swinging. It seemed so obviously pre planned. But I am not against it. I used to fantasize about my other boyfriends having sex with another woman while I watched, and it gave me an excited twinge in my pussy every time I let the openness of sex take over the act of jealousy. It was a liberating thought, although never realized in real life. This was about to change, for I found myself reading an article on theInternet the other morning, and read about a hotel in town that catered to the "Lifestyle", it had a Nude Swim Night at their pool on Thursdays. I stopped to imagine myself in a pool with other naked couples and singles. I really didn't feel anxious at the thought, the article really reinforced that it was a way to "Test the waters" if you will, and implied that it was a fun experience even if you just hung out in the pool, then went home. I was kind of excited about it, and brought it up to my boyfriend that night. "That sounds great, honey, what a comfortable way to try out somethingnew. Besides, it can never be a bad thing to hang out with naked women in a pool, especially if you are one of them." He kissed me on the forehead, and I felt pretty good about trying this out tomorrow night. We arrived at dusk, and paid our admission, and were escorted to thepool area. The lights in the pool were on, and there were quite a few naked bodies lounging around in the pool, as well as the two Jacuzzis that glowed in the coming darkness of the day. I was a little bit scared, as this was something totally new to me. I stood for a minute taking it all in before moving forward for a closer examination. There were small cabana like cubicles here and there, where couples and"odd numbers" were chatting, and drinking wine. They seemed nice, and looked to be having a good time. Some were casually exploring one another. My boyfriend gave me a comforting smile and said, " Let's get into thewater. Are you ready?" He was already pulling off his shirt, and the sight of his bare chest gave me the courage and desire to join him. I slipped off my sandals, and took down my shorts. I didn't feel nervous at all, and to be honest, I was getting little twinges of excitement knowing that people were watching me undress. The fact that most of these people were entirely naked comforted me as I continued to remove my clothes. As I lifted my top up over my head, I had only my bra left before baring my body in front of total strangers. It was the first time I had ever done this, and it was giving me a sense of arousal to see these people naked, and to be one of them. I joined my boyfriend at the steps, and we slowly descended into thewarm water. It felt good to feel the water greet my exposed flesh, and as it touched my pussy, I almost gasped with the delight of the warmth and excitement as the softly lit water lapped at my lips. I felt extremely enlightened to the sensation of exhibitionism, and nudity, and I swam over to my man to kiss him, and embrace his naked body. We hung out and took it all in for a while, while sipping on a few coldbeers that we had brought. BYOB was the law of the land or so the article said. Soon I looked over into one of the cabanas, and saw four people making love. Two couples must have hit it off, and there was a play bed in the cabana. We looked on, absently floating in the water, me sitting on Greg's

September 6, 2008

Cam Contacts Babe Lyalechka

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This is Lyalechka, a stunning 18 year old straight babe. She has a petite build that'll make you drool.. and brunette hair with green eyes. Stuff that turns her on includes being queen of your heart and of your bed but she is turned off by people who don`t care about their lovelife. If you were to meet her online and have webcam chat she would give you greatest sexy queen!!!!! She loves to meet sexy guys and girls over at Cam-Contacts because she wants i want to meet a big big love!!!!!!!!!.

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