January 28, 2008

RookieBabe Ashton

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RookieBabe and Bartender Ashton is as unique as her name. A lover of music she's been to "oodles" of concerts but KISS blew the rest away...

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Stylish and socially conscious, Rookie Babe represents the natural beauty and spirit of the girl next door.

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January 24, 2008

Fat Farm Stud

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Ben listened to what Miss Wilkins was saying, but wondered what in the world he could possibly do to earn that kind of money and yet be under paid. "Ben, do you have any idea what we do here at Oasis," she asked? Well," Ben replied, "it's a fat farm I guess, you know exercise and eight hundred calory per day diets, or something like that." "That just barely scratches the surface," Miss Wilkins said, "we give a total body and mind rejuvenation so to speak!" The women who come here not only want to cleanse their bodies, but they want mental nourishment as well." Miss Wilkins then reached into a desk drawer and removed a stack of what appeared to be eight by ten photograghs. Handing him the top picture she continued, "This is one of our clients who comes in at least three times a year. As you can see she is still quite over weight." Ben stared at the photo of a fifty five year old woman who must have weighed in at two hundred and fifty pounds, to top that off she was totally naked! "These women come her expecting more than any other facility would or could ever possibly provide them," she added. "Now while not the most attractive of God's creatures, they do have their physical needs. Am I coming through to you now Ben?" I was just then dawning on him! They wanted him to make love to their over weight clients for money! "I think so, yeah," answered Ben! "Could you do it, though," asked Miss Wilkins? "I don't know," replied Ben, "they're so fat, I've never....." "I know it's hard to decide on such a short notice," she said. "What do you say we let you meet one of our clients in a neutral setting so you can get a feel for her as a person. Believe me, that makes a big difference in your ability to perform!"

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January 20, 2008

damn this brunette is sexy with a killer body

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This girl is really hot. Her body is perfection in every sense of the word, beautiful nice round breasts, perfect hour glass figure, great bubble butt ass and beautiful sensuous hips! She also has a beautiful face and really knows how to please during a hot webcam show

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January 19, 2008

Meet my friend Anahita

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This hottie.. otherwise known as anahita is 21, female and bisexual. She's a feisty gemini and is turned on by poo and pee. Her sexpertise includes fucking with dildos, beadds, botles, shit and hot pee mmmmm yeah.. She is 5'7" tall and weighs 105 lbs. Hair is black and eyes are brown. She's a average, white beauty with a breast cup size of d, pussy hair trimmed and measurements of 36-24-36. Her best known kinky styles are bdsm, feet, toys, smoking, anal penetration, underwear. Loves to meet people on the net and turns her webcam on to give a show that is its kinky paradise, I love fucking with more diferent things mobile, bottles.. with my poo and pee, and anal fist also

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January 16, 2008

Feel the heat with Cutejessica

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Name: cuteJessica Age: 20 Sex: bisex Sexual Preference: straight Measurements: 37-24-36 Height: 170 cm Weight: 110 lbs Eye Color: brown Hair Color: brown-blonde Hair Length: medium Ethnicity: white Build: average About Me: exclusive cute model Jessica only for u, come to see my natural perky tits and cute ass ready to satisfy your fantasy Turn ons: men in action Turn offs: rude people Why see my cam?: Come and find it out for yourself, touch my nice tits and have a deep look inside me, satisfaction is quaranteed here Fantasies: I am cute and naughty and I am ready to play with you..." Come and give me your penis inside my nice perky tits, I want to suck your penis, mmmmmm, come inside me and fuck me hard....mmmmm...

I love to chat at because I meet so many great guys and girls there. I get so horny when I'm playing on cam and its so good to share it with others who enjoy it.

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January 13, 2008

I Get Fucked Every Night

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I used to be a perfect daughter. I was an honor student at college and even though I had turned 18, I lived at home with my parents. My fall from grace came shortly after I met Jenny in one of my classes. She had the most amazing clothes and drove a sports car so I thought she was some rich kid. I eventually found out she got all of this as a webcam girl. For months I listened to her tell the stories of what she did on cam until finally, I tried it for myself. Maybe my parents aren't proud of me anymore but I have a legion of fans and I get fucked every night. Thanks Jenny.

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January 11, 2008

Sex Story Exerpt

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I'm an assistance manager at a local bank and one of our tellers feels the same way I do. I'll call her Joan so her husband doesn't find out. Joannie is tall and very attractive with long slim legs and firm pointy breasts. Last Friday, Joan was servicing the customers at the drive-in window when she had to go to the ladies' room. I was the only other person in the bank so I took her place. An older woman had just pulled up when I felt a hand slide between my legs and grab my cock. It stiffened immediately. "I want to suck you so bad," she moaned in my ear. Joan slid my cock around in my pants while I counted out the old lady's money. I was getting wetter and hornier by the minute, and the instant the car drove away, I pushed Joannie to her knees in front of me. We both fumbled with my zipper, and she groaned as my steaming hot dick fell out. The shaft was hard as a rock, and the swollen head was moist with pre-cum. ..[continue reading]..

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