December 7, 2011

Blow Me Sandwich Everyone’s Favorite Treat - Scene 3

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Blow Me Sandwich Everyone's Favorite Treat - Scene 3

The Long sisters, Angel and Ashley, though not really sisters do look super sexy together in their pink outfits as they slowly undress each other. Of course, they don't allow their playful lesbian fondling to take their focus off the task at hand which is getting down and sucking some cock. These two girls not only blow you, but also talk nasty and gag on the man meat. Angel and Ashley go way beyond the call of duty to really deliver an A+ performance.

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November 18, 2011

Deepthroat Movie Download - Clusterfuck 3

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Mega anal starlettes Lauren Phoenix and Ariana Jollee are in for of the biggest throat suffing DP jamming, ass destroying anal gangbang of a lifetime. Every hole these super sluts have will be pounded, stuffed and stretched by an arsenal of giant stiff cocks, leaving them drowning in gallons of hot sticky cum. It's the biggest, nastiest filthy fuck fest ever made!

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this). < ![endif]-->

Studio: Heavenly Sins
Stars: Amber Wild, Courtney Simpson, Haley Scott, Heather Zatch, Joelean, Leah Luv, Melisa Rose, Nina Cardova, Sasha Knox, Veronica Jett
Niches: Deepthroat
Total Runtime: 02:17:47 (Download full movie)

Scene 1

Scene 2

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November 13, 2011

Long day at work certainly gets better

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It had been a long day at work. Issue after issue had come up and forvarious reasons, they all seemed to land on my desk. It felt like it was never going to end and I'd be there all night until my phone vibrated on the desk to my left. It was a picture from Amy. Very surprising since I usually just text sexy little notes back and forth with her. But a picture was strange. The picture was simple, it was her stomach, her pants pulled down and just a tease of the sexy panties she was wearing. (see profile pic) I was staring at it. It was so sexy, and so unexpected and such a huge turn on. Especially when the phone vibrated again in my hand. "Come over after work. There's more where that came from." It said. It was amazing, it seems like the clock was rushing forward, I wasfocussed on my work knowing what was to follow when it was done. Papers were flying, folders were moving and my fingers were going a mile a minute on the key board. Finally, I was on my last project. It was about 6 and I sent Amy a message: "Be there in 25 minutes. Can't wait." I raced over to her place on my motorcycle, stopped out front and headedfor the door as I took off my helmet. It was refreshing to breathe air again after being on the road and in traffic. Up one step and I knocked 3 times. In about 30 seconds, the door locks clicked and it slowly opened. Theroom was dark, but Amy's blonde hair and a white men's shirt were bright in the setting sunlight. She reached out to grab my tie and collar and pulled me inside and down to her lips. We kissed passionately for minutes as I took my off my light jacket, and put my bag down to rest. My tongue never left her mouth and already I was without my shirt and my belt was undone. I opened my eyes to realize it was almost pitch black in her place. It was strange that he blinds were drawn and the lights were off but I got my pants off and went back to kissing her lucsious mouth. Amy was slowly pushing me over to where the bug arm chair usually is, but all of a sudden, it was the hard leg of a chair that caught my attention. Amy was pushing me down onto one of her kitchen chairs in the middle of the room. I didn't know what was going on, but she wiggled my boxers away from under me and before I realized what was going on, my legs were tied to the legs of the chair. Amy had moved around the back, and now had slipped my wrists into handcuffs behind my back. I was sitting naked on the chair, my cock was sticking straight up and i couldn't even itch my nose. She was totally in control, but I liked it and I trusted her. She'd moved away from me now and had turned on some lights. The room was still dark, but I could see her now. She'd moved the furniture around a bit for some space. He next move was to the wall. I could hear music starting now and she moved into the middle of the floor. A deep base line started, then a voice, then a familiar R&B song. Amy started to bob her head, then move her arms and hips to the rhythm. She was swaying her hips, and now unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing. It finally opened and my jaw dropped. There she was almost naked. She was wearing a pink bra, lacy and sexy that framed her body perfectly and matched the a pink thong that was the same lace, but see through. I could tell that she'd just been waxed as her skin looked amazingly smooth. I wanted to reach out and kiss her again, but couldn't. I wanted to touch myself and feel something, but I couldn't. She danced, she stripped, and by the end of the song she was naked. I was right, she was waxed and I was right, her skin did look so soft. The song ended and finally she smiled. I was hoping we'd start to get down and dirty right then but when the second song started, I knew I'd have to wait at least 4 minutes longer. This time was different though, this time she was getting close to me. She was even straddled me. She was so close, I could feel the heat from her body but she wouldn't touch me. Her pussy was inches from the head of my cock, her tits staring me

November 11, 2011

The Student, The Counsellor and The Librarian

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It had been a bad evening. Dinner with Brad and the worst argument of their relationship. A really bad evening. Bad enough to make Lisa think she should swear off boys! When Lisa arrived for school the next morning, after her doctors appointment, Joan was quick to track her down before her first class started. "Lisa, could you please come into my office for a few seconds?" Joan asked her in the crowded hallway. Together, they retired into Joan's guidance office, the one without any windows to the outside. Joan closed the door behind her, without locking it. "How did it go?" the guidance counselor asked the sexy teen, trying to keep any hint of concern out of her voice. "Stop worrying, Joan." Lisa answered, "The tests were negative. See, I knew there'd be no problem." "When you're eighteen, that's an easy assumption to make." was all Joan could reply. "Besides, " Lisa said with that flirtatious, seductive tone her voice could take on, "I just loved the visit. They always give me special treatment there." "Really?" said Joan, settling back into her chair behind the desk. "And all for free? That's one nice doctor. I ought to go to him." "Yeah, you ought to. And his receptionist is pretty cool too!" God, Joan thought, did this slut fuck the doctor and his receptionist in their office? If it were anybody but Lisa, she'd know they were lying. But that's what she was implying, not by her words but the tone of voice they were spoken in. "Would you like to tell me the details?" asked Joan. "Sure, but maybe later, at your house?" replied Lisa. "I have to go to class soon." Her smile was wicked and seductive. Joan felt the little demon turn loose in her. She looked at the smiling, sexy girl, and remembered what furious sex they'd had between each other and with John. She could feel her own honey start to flow from the thought.

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November 9, 2011

Big Wet Tits 2, Scene 3

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Big Wet Tits 2, Scene 3

This titty bitch is hot and has her dark side coming through. Pretend you're the rough, biker bad boy type that can satisfy her. Her luscious melons are about the sweetest on this vid collection -those fuckers bounce so sweetly it'll melt your heart. Her shaved, phat beaver is a sight for sore eyes as well. This lady is all around solid looking and a great lay. Besides various acrobatic upright and seated positions, she gets some good tittyfucking action in as well.

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November 7, 2011

Ashley Englich from Playboy’s Busty Babes

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Ashley Englich from Playboy's Busty Babes
Playboy's Busty Babes presents 18 year old Ashley Englich from Bayside, NY.

Ashley is a 'Home Body' with a capital B.We say good things come in small packages like our 5ft angel Ashley. Currently she is studying to be an ultra-sound tech. One of her goals is to go bungee jumping someday. Ashley likes guys with big strong arms guys so start pumping the weights. For more about Ashley give a listen to her Interview video in our members area.

Ashley Englich's
Intro Video


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November 6, 2011


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Talk about sexual then you're talking about Jessica. This european camgirl is totally sexual and a little freak in the bed and on cam for that matter. Theres' not much that she wouldn't agree to when I was in her free videochat asking what I could see inside. So that made it an even easier decision to go private and find out if she was going to live up to her words or not.

So yes I got into the private videochat and it was on and by that I mean she was taking it off and living up to her promises. She gave me all the things I wanted, the positions, the angles, the toy, the outfit, you name it she came through for me with something hot!

camgirl  camgirl

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I love this babe called Sexyseductress

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I love all kinds of sex and pleasure..fetishes and play whatever turns you on turn me on I am a very open person and any suggestion to make my show better while in my video is greatly appreciated

I'm 19 years old with bigbrown eyes and hotred hair. I am caucasian with a nice petite body shape. My fave food to eat is mashed potatoe and sausages and I love to listen to Any music. I also enjoy dancing. My sign is Cancer and I speak English.

The sex toy I can't live without would be my fingers, dildo and I love things i enjoy are: kissing, masturbation, playing with my sexy toys, giving and receiving oral (mmm love to have my shaved p*ssy eaten out while i suck on a huge throbbing c*ck!). Rude people, kindness is free and we will go along way if you are polite ;-) turns me off and doggy, 69, anal is my all time favorite sex position.

I've been hanging out a lot at recently coz its soooo much fun and very addictive. I look forward to chatting with all the horny guys there every day. I love being watched. I spend way too much time in front of my cam.. but hey, who cares, its hell wicked fun.

Hey I'm probably live now
Come and watch me on cam - (Its free. No membership needed.)
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October 16, 2011

Soaking Wet and Ready on Webcam

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Soaking Wet and Ready on Webcam

Hot Live Sex Shows!

Sexy webcam chat play is just the beginning of SquirtNonStopX's chat room experience. An expert at free sex cam role playing, this seductive blonde can morph into any character you want her to be so be during a webcam chat sex session. She wants you to be as vocal and candid in your live sex tv requests and let her wow you with her teen strip skills. She is issuing a personal free amateur sex invitation to you right now to step into her online webcam chat room and experience a sexual release of magnificent proportions. She is a total webcam sex freak with a foot fetish and she would never turn down a good rim job.

Hot Live Sex Shows!

Sexy webcam chat play is just the beginning of SquirtNonStopX's chat room experience. An expert at free sex cam role playing, this seductive blonde can morph into any character you want her to be so be during a webcam chat sex session. She wants you to be as vocal and candid in your live sex tv requests and let her wow you with her teen strip skills. She is issuing a personal free amateur sex invitation to you right now to step into her online webcam chat room and experience a sexual release of magnificent proportions. She is a total webcam sex freak with a foot fetish and she would never turn down a good rim job.

RookieBabe Natassja

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This Dance Instructor Babe is a San Francisco native who believes in destiny. With 18 years of dance training and a love for music you can often find her on the dance floor but only if its rock! - no disco =)

View Natassja's Gallery (16 pics)

Stylish and socially conscious, Rookie Babe represents the natural beauty and spirit of the girl next door.

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